My favorite day …every year.


For those who know me, you may see this title and say…Oh that’s May 24th! … Back story, many many moons ago sitting in 10th grade study hall, I decided that May 24th would be my favorite day. It had nothing to do with holidays or birthdays. On this day, I wear my favorite colors, eat my favorite foods, hang out with my favorite people, and do my favorite things. Over the years it’s evolved into ….a big deal. Everyone who’s anyone celebrates! …..But I’ve digressed….

If I had to pick another favorite day it would be that magical moment in class when all the INPUT…starts to click. I remember experiencing that moment while studying abroad. But even more exciting is seeing your students experience it. It’s so awesome to see them excited to be able to manipulate the language even when grammar has NEVER been taught (exception: pop up grammar).

Today I asked my students…”If I wanted to say, ‘They think that’ how do I change ‘piensa que’.” …several students responded “add an N”. And when they responded…. others caught on. Someone raised their hand and asked “So if I want to say ‘they’ are doing something I add an ‘N’ don’t I!?

Yes Yes Yes!!!!!

Besides seeing my students ‘get it’. I also love this day because it is affirmation that CI works!

…And it works well!



La Persona Especial


This week I finally got on the band wagon and started doing ‘Student Interviews’. Basically one by one you call students up to the front of the room and interview them. I first heard of these here from Bryce Hedstrom. I keep seeing teachers post about these and after contemplation decided these could be a good way to use CI/repetition in 1st and 3rd person as well as learn more about each student.

Well……My. Students. LOVE. Them.

They keep begging to do more (yay), but I told them we’ll do 3 a week until everyone has gone. Hopefully the novelty of them will keep going!

Do you do student interviews? What follow up activities do you do? How do you keep your students engaged and responsible for paying attention and participating?

Input for the win!


Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 7.17.05 AM

Every. Single. Time…that I receive stories, re-writes, free writes, etc….I am blown away! Simply amazed and reminded of how GREAT comprehensible input works! Kids are acquiring language…and it’s exciting! Here is an example of 2 students work in my Spanish 1 classes. These stories were written after 3 days of circling this ‘Day of Dead‘ video. I gave students 10 minutes to re-write the story to the best of their ability. They were permitted to use the room as a resource -but no personal notes. It’s always amazing seeing the results of CI….not to mention it’s SO. MUCH. FUN!

Día De Los Muertos


Day of the dead is fast approaching! This year, I was determined to create lessons which were culturally relevant but more importantly contributed to the overarching goal of language acquisition.

Through several youtube searches I found this video!

What a great way to start making connections, lead to cultural conversations as well as create a movie talk which will provide repetition and language acquisition! (I’m a bit excited!) I created a packet where students will read about Day of the Dead in an infographic which I made. Then we will use the language while we create a narrative to the above video. Students continue practicing words and structures which they learn for additional forms of repetition through a timed-free-write, bingo, scene descriptions etc.

This year, I’m also trying a more ‘natural approach’ to language acquisition by incorporating both the present & past tenses. While narrating the video, we will be using the present  tense. While we discuss it in class and with other activities, we will be using the ‘past’ tense.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 3.58.02 PM

NOTE: this packet can be purchased on teacherspayteachers, I made all of the activities in both the present & pasttenses in case you have a preference.

El Mismo Sol


My students have been asking for more songs. (I feel like I already do a lot!) But, hey if they’re asking…why not? I just finished making several listening activities for ‘El Mismo Sol’ by Alvaro Soler. It’s fantastic and very catchy!

I was trying to think of some more activities besides a ‘cloze’ activity and a ‘movie talk’ (which I also made). On the iflt facebook page someone (so sorry I can’t remember who you were!!!) gave the idea of using a word cloud as well as bingo! My students BEG ME for bingo!!!! What a great way to motivate students to partake in their own learning! Both of these activities will be help students to actively listen to the song and hopefully will improve their listening skills.

 Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 2.41.59 PM

What fun activities do YOU do to incorporate songs into the classroom????



Have you ever heard of edpuzzle! I just discovered it! It’s similar to zaption but I think (from my quick glance and try at it) that it is more user friendly and has more free options than zaption.

My students are just finishing up a movie talk on carrot crazy. I wanted to change it up and gather data from formative assessment so I quickly created this edpuzzle!

We’ll be trying it tomorrow! Fingers crossed it’s a smooth success!

¿Cómo estás?


When you ask a student “¿Cómo estás? usually the respond with “estoy bien”. I’m over it. I’m bored with it.

I want my kids to be able to truly tell me how they are and what they are feeling. Not only does it give me information on their current state of being, but it could lead to a story a lot easier than ‘I’m good’.

I’m giving my students this hand out so that they can practice giving me more variety when I ask them how they are. This can also help students stay in the target language during stories if we’re discussing ‘how’ a character is doing.

Do you have any creative ways to teach this?

Ps. have I mentioned that I love canva?

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.09.06 PM