Artistas Españoles


Spring break is almost here! (YAY!) and my students are taking the National Spanish Exam this week. So, I was looking for something cultural that was more “relaxed” yet could be taught in the TL. Martina Bex posted about this project designed by SpanishSundries.

I started class by projecting a picture done by Fernando Botero. My students were instantly laughing and describing the “gordo” people in the image. We talked about what we saw, and then started talking about Fernando Botero, his life and his art style.

We watched a brief video  on Frida Kahlo, viewed some of her art, talked about her life and symbolism of “pain & sadness” in her paintings.

With Pablo Picasso we viewed and described several of his pieces. We identified different patterns we found in his work and using the power point by Spanish Sundries we learned how events in his life were reflected in his work during the ‘blue period, pink period, and cubism’.

While learning about Joan Miró, we talked about the difference between surrealism and realism in art. We discussed how his work had very defined lines, but not defined shapes.

After learning about each artist, students were given a choice of 30 pictures. They each chose a picture and illustrated the picture from the perspective of each artist. I LOVED THIS PART! Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.45.13 AM

Finally, I had students research their favorite of the four artist. They wrote a biography on the artist, their lives, their art, and their legacy.

This project was a great way to use CI, stay in the TL, but change up the normal ‘story telling’ that typically happens in class.


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