Fa la la la la…la la…la…la


I love December. Classes are filled with talk of traditions, festivities, and celebrations.

This December we learned about the Christmas lottery in Spain through Martina Bex’s unit. Previously, I wasn’t very familiar with this tradition. So it was fun to learn along side of the students.

We then continued with Martina’s (FREE!!!) supplementary lessons on the 2015 lottery announcement. 

My students have also been asking to learn some Christmas songs in Spanish. One student begged me to teach them “Rodolfo el reno” and another suggested ‘doce días de la navidad’. I’ve never taught Christmas songs before so when someone suggested 12 days of Christmas I got really excited. There’s so many great things to talk about through this song! (Ordinal numbers, Regular numbers, you could talk about the history of the song, write your own version, talk about What students want for Xmas, what they would give for xmas, etc…!)

I quickly whipped up some worksheets to correspond with the songs. And since ’tis the season of giving’ you can have them for FREE!!!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 10.14.25 AM


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