Mr. Bean!!!!! and Reflexive Verbs


How can you go wrong with Mr. Bean???

This week my Spanish 2’s were working on using reflexive verbs with the goal of being able to discuss their daily routines. To do this…. we created a narrative to the Mr. Bean video where he was late for the dentist. This allowed us to use vocabulary such as “shaved his nose hair, brushed his teeth with windshield wiper fluid, got dressed, put on his shirt, etc etc etc.

One of my favorite things about Comprehensible Input is when I actually introduce the grammatical concept – the kids already understand it!!! I told them “You already use these, you just don’t know the technical formula for these.” A quick explanation and waaalaaaaah! They get it!

We also used the awesome “reflex your verby” video to help us understand reflexive verbs.

With  Mr. Bean, PQA, CI, and these worksheets…. my kids are rockstar reflexive verb geniuses!



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