One Semester of Spanish Love Song


Every year to transition from “Basic Phrases” to “Adjectives” I like to use the famous “One Semester of Spanish Love Song“.

This year I created three worksheets to go with it. I will use these to reinforce previously learned vocabulary and introduce new vocabulary. This will also lead to a discussion about adjective placement.

Most of the worksheet activities I made will only take about half of the class period. Therefore we will practice using many of these basic concepts through PQA (personalized question/answering).  Some questions I may ask include: ¿Dónde vives? ¿Vives en una casa blanco? ¿Qué color es tu casa? ¿Tienes un gato? ¿Tienes una moscata?¿Qué color es tu moscata?

 I LOOOOOVE PQA! Not only does it give me much insight into the students lives, but it is the best way to start a story.

I’m hoping we will concoct a story about pets! Maybe something like “Jimmy doesn’t have a pet, but he really wants a giant blue gorilla. One day he goes to New York with his sister to look for a gorilla. He goes to the park and sees a gorilla. It is a red small gorilla so he keeps looking. …. etc. etc. etc……

Let’s be honest…I have no clue where the story will go- the kids are much more creative. However, I will make sure to include  many adjectives, specific structures such as “goes to” “sees” “wants” “has”.

Have you ever used the spanish love song in class? What have you done with it?


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