Mexico Independence Day is on Monday and I’m ready!

The past few years I’ve been teaching Spanish 1. Traditionally we’ve discussed Mexico Independence day through a Prezi, and some youtube videos.

However, Now that I’m also teaching Spanish 2 again, I’m trying to make new materials with higher expectations. I wrote this newspaper article (in Spanish of course!) about the events which led to Spain’s control over the indigenous people. It discusses key figures such as Hernan Cortes, Father Hidalgo, and Napolean. It also covers how Mexico Independence day is celebrated today.

I am thinking that I’ll make a parallel story to introduce this. Perhaps I’ll give the kids a scenario (they’re living under the Control of …Madonna, and she’s imposing all these rules that they don’t like (must eat broccoli three times a day, must work for free, …(whatever the kids come up with)) they are sick and tired of it what do they do……

Then transition into how this happened in Mexico.

Wow….this blog writing is a great way to brain storm lesson plans!

photo copy

What are you doing to discuss Mexico’s Independence Day with your students?


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